South Yorkshire Bus Promise


Before you travel, you will have access to accurate and accessible information to plan your journey. You will also be able to pre-purchase tickets and passes.


You will be able to access timetable, journey planning, disruption, fares, ticket and bus stop information prior to your journey. Information is provided on the Travel South Yorkshire (TSY) website (, and by telephone at the TSY Contact Centre (0800 952 0002).


TSY Contact Centre staff will be able to provide additional information, e.g. on the accessibility of services.


Printed timetables, including in large print format, will be available on request through the TSY website and TSY Contact Centre.


Most tickets (other than singles) can be purchased from your operator or TravelMaster ( prior to your journey.


Eligible passengers can apply for a concessionary travel pass from the TSY website and Contact Centre.


Significant service changes will take place no more than twice per year. Information about changes will be available online at least one month prior to the changes taking effect.


Fare increases will be limited to once per year.



Buses will run on time, most of the time. If running late, you will be able to find out in advance when it will depart.


Other than in exceptional circumstances, over 95% of buses will run on time, and fewer than 0.5% will be cancelled.


Live information on where your bus is and when it will depart your stop will be available on your smartphone, on the TSY website, from the contact centre, and on electronic displays at some well-used stops.


Timetable information will be available at all stops. 


Accessible shelters will be provided at main stops, and will be cleaned regularly and repaired quickly. Lighting and stop design will help all passengers to be seen and feel safe.


If the last bus of the day to a destination is cancelled, operators will offer a refund of the taxi fare if they need to take a taxi instead.


At interchanges, as for on buses, there will be zero tolerance of anti-social behaviour. 




We will provide a network of buses that is as comprehensive as possible, and fares that represent good value for money. Your bus journey will be a safe and pleasant experience. Buses will be accessible for all.


Bus operators will provide a network of commercial services that is as extensive as possible, while ensuring fares represent good value for money.


SYMCA will add to the commercial network by subsidising additional services, taking into account people’s needs.


Bus drivers will be friendly, supportive and knowledgeable about fares, stops and timings. They will advise where to find information if they don’t know themselves.


New buses will be:

o fully accessible.

o fitted with audio-visual stop announcements.


All buses will:

o include QR code labels to download relevant information.

be equipped with CCTV, and where possible audio recording, to ensure a safe and secure journey.


Drivers will advise customers to leave the wheelchair space clear if a wheelchair user requires the space. If a wheelchair user cannot board because allocated spaces are already taken up, the driver will advise the passenger of the next bus available, or contact their depot to arrange for an accessible taxi if the wait for the next available bus is too long.


All passengers are expected to be considerate and respectful towards the bus driver and other customers. There is zero tolerance of anti-social behaviour. Drivers will involve the police if the safety of passengers or their own safety is at risk, or if there is damage to the bus.


Bus operators will minimise boarding times, including by promoting electronic ticketing and the purchase of tickets prior to travel. 


even if they are unable to purchase a ticket.




You will find it easy to provide feedback. Complaints will be listened to.


If you need to complain or make a comment on your bus service, you can do so through the TSY website ( or the TSY Contact Centre (0800 952 0002). 


The complaints process will acknowledge your complaint, and ensure that it is relayed to the right place. Your complaint will be listened to.


If you are eligible for compensation from the operator, this will be dealt with swiftly.


You may escalate complaints to Bus Users UK, which is the registered dispute resolution body for local bus services in the UK.


You will be able to access information on service performance (punctuality and reliability) at a service/route level on the TSY website.


You will have opportunities to provide thoughts and feedback on wider decisions about bus services through Council local area committees and bus user groups.


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