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Leopold Street and Pinstone Street have closed....

Sheffield City Council have closed Leopold Street and Pinstone Street to buses, meaning that our 30'S, on their return from Hallamshire Hospital, are diverting down Carver Street and Rockingham Street.  Following the completion of works on Furnival Gate, buses will now go from Rockingham Street, down Furnival Gate to join Arundel Gate.    It is therefore vital, that you no longer wait for our services on Leopold Street and instead wait on Carver Street.

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New rules on face coverings from 15th June 2020 

As of 15th June 2020, new Government rules come into force  requiring passengers to wear face coverings whilst on buses.  The only exceptions from this are for those with breathing difficulties and the very young.  We ask you, our loyal customers, to please support the team and comply with the new rules.

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<Further revised timetables from 18th July 2020.


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218'S now serve Bakewell and Chatsworth, Mondays to Saturdays.


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