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218'S - we have no changes from 26th January 2020.  Please disregard information provided in error by others

Fares increase 2/1/2020


At TM Travel we always strive to give you the best possible fares we can.

We are though facing increasing costs, especially on fuel. It is for that reason we have had to make some small increases in our fares and so ensure that we can continue to provide you with the same vital services.


As of todays date some Travel master fares have also increased.



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TM Travel accept Travelmaster tickets in both paper and smart form, where they are available. Some day and week products are available to buy on the bus. Please follow the link to Travelmaster`s website to find more details. 

TM Travel along with First, Stagecoach, Rotherham Borough Council and SYPTE have signed up to the Rotherham Bus Partnership to help improve bus services in Rotherham. Click the banner above for further information.