Vehicles for sale

Volvo Olympian - fully seatbelted (70 seats)

Our last Volvo Olympian is up for sale for £2160 (price includes tyres but not VAT), all the passenger seats are fully seat belted. It has Alexander Belfast body, 3 speed Voith gearbox and Volvo D10A engined, we would love to see it preserved so please email us with any enquiries!

Volvo B10B - fully seat belted learner bus (40 seats)

This B10B is for sale for £2400 (including tyres but not VAT), it is fully seat belted and as it was our driver trainer vehicle there is an extra seat at the front for a driving instructor and has had its cab door removed, this has a Plaxton Paladin body and a 4 speed ZF gearbox.