Previous vehicles

796 seen here leaving the Peak District, photo credit to G.Green

Withdrawn Centros (August & December 2018)

YJ56JYA/796 and YJ07JWU/800 have both been withdrawn and replaced by Scania L94UBs.


December update: YJ07JVE/799, YN08JWC/1198 and YN08JWE/1200 have been withdrawn

436 at Owler Bar about to start Chatsworth Shuttles for the 218. Photo credit to G.Green

Withdrawn Solos (end of July 2018)


FP51GYE/436 and FE02KDF/443 have all been withdrawn due to mechanical issues.


TM52BUS/1162 has been withdrawn due to a RTA.

650 returning from bakewell after a day on 218s, photo credit to G.Green

Loaned EYMS Volvo B7TL (May 2018-June 2018)


We have had X584EGK/650 on loan from East Yorkshire Motor Service which has been doing a variety of route the last couple of months.


PJ02RBY/669 which replaced 650 in June, has now returned back to East Yorkshire.

1130s final run with TM, photo credit to G.Green

Withdrawal of our last olympian (25/04/2018)


Sadly our last Volvo Olympain, R32LHK (1130) has been withdrawn due to her age, we would love to see her preserved click on the 'vehicles for sale' page for more details!


Our DAF SB3000 was also withdrawn at the end of April (T112AUA 1139)

YN53CEA/40, YN53CEU/45 & YN53CFL/49 here waiting to be returned back to the Notts and Derby depot, photo credit to G.Green

Loaned Scanias for Varsity Sport event (19/04/2018)


We loaned 3 Scanias from Notts and Derby to run a Shuttle bus service to transport students to and from the Varsity sport event for Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield.