Fleet list (August 2019)


This months updates:


1164 has been withdrawn and scrapped


This is the last month most the AT545 allison solos will be in service. 604 and 636 also meant to be going at the end of the month.

1205 here outside Sheffield Airport on the last day of route 74, photo credit to G.Green

Optare Solos



Fleet number     Registration

437                   FP51GXW

1157                 YL02FKU

1158                 YL02FKV

1159                 FB02LFP (Previously YL02FKW)

1160                 MW52PZD

1163                 MX03YCN

1165                 YN03ZXE

1166                 MX03YDF

1169                 MX04VLM

1180                 YN56AHY

1181                 YN56OHP

1190                 YN07SYS

1191                 YN57KFE

1193                 YJ57EHB (Yellow)

1202                 YN58NDV (Branded for Sheffield's line 6)

1205                 YN04XZC

1206                 YJ56WVN


507, 508 and 509 eagerly awaiting service

Optare Solo SRs


Our 3 amazingly Pink Optare Solo SRs can be found on Sheffield's line 6, these are currently our newest buses - they use Optare Ecoboost technology making them better for the environment than standard diesel buses


Fleet number     Registration

507                   YJ65EPC

508                   YJ65EPD

                                                                                    509                   YJ65EPE


636 seen here heading down to Baslow on the 218, photo credit to G.Green

Scania L94UBs


Our 13 Wright Solar bodied Scanias can mostly be found on Sheffields line 30, and the beautiful 218 out to Baslow, Chatsworth and Bakewell, all our 218 branded Scanias had refurbished interiors in 2015 and were fitted with USB ports to charge your phone from!


Fleet number     Registration

604                   FJ03VVR (Peak line 218)

613                   FJ03VWB (Motorpoint Vinyls)

617                   FJ03VWF (i4 green)

619                   FJ03VWH (i4 green)

631                   FJ03VWY (Skylink blue)

633                   FJ03VXA (Sheffield's line 30)

635                   FJ03VXC (Sheffield's line 30)

636                   FD53WWH (Peak line 218)

653                   FN04HSZ

666                   FH54VRY (Skylink blue)

667                   FH54VRZ (i4 green)


1173 seen here heading down to Baslow on the 218, photo credit to G.Green

Scania N94UDs


We currently have 6 Scania N94UDs with the Omnidekka bodies in service, these can be found on the 252, helping on the 218 when it gets busy and on various school runs


Fleet number     Registration

1172                 YN56FDV (London red livery)

1173                 YN56FDC

1174                 YN56FDG

1175                 YN06JYO

                                                                                                  1176                 YN06JYL

                                                                                                  1178                 YN06JYK (Notts and Derby livery)


835 here on the 30

Optare Versas


Most our Versas are especially branded for Sheffields line 30, they spend most their time on this route along with the line 30 branded scanias (633 and 635).


Fleet number     Registration


833                   YD63VDT (Sheffield's line 30)

834                   YD63VDV (Sheffield's line 30)

835                   YD63VDX (Sheffield's line 30)

1197                 YJ08PFN



1167 (informally know as the Pink Panther) here in Bakewell on the 218, photo credit to G.Green

DAF DB250s 


Our 2 DB250s (with East Lancs Mynellium body work) are both ex demonstrators, they are also some of our longest service buses!


Fleet number     Registration

1167                 1294RU (Previously YJ53VBM)

1171                 YN54SYG


1170 at Nottingham Motor show 2018, photo credit G.Green

Volvo B7Ls


Our two B7TLs are both tri axles and are our largest buses. These have East Lancs Nordic bodies and ZF gearboxes.

Fleet number     Registration

1170                 TM52BUS (previously SA52DWC)

1179                 SA52DVV (currently white)


Stay tuned for more updates!